Since this is a thing I’m doing now…

If there is something about our process or our website or our formatting or basically anything related to being a self-published author team that you’d like me to talk about, let me know.  I can’t promise to be timely or wise, because books writing zomg. Also my biggest belief about self-publishing is that there are about a hundred ways to do anything, and the only right one is the one that results in a good product and works for you.

But I probably know more weird tricks than I realize I know, so if there’s a particular topic you’d like me to write about, ask here. I will try to answer. 🙂

(Right now, the only posts I’m working on are directly related to ebook formatting.)


    • bree says

      Why aren’t you dragging my ass off twitter, yo? I’ve been trying to institute the twitter Hunger Games all morning instead of doing a newsletter.


  1. Timitra says

    Lmao I can’t believe you all are the first two commenters…post away on ebook formatting cause I know absolutely nothing about it and would love to learn also if you could post about the cover making process that would be great!

    • Bree says

      I can add that to the list! My cover making process is a lot of making ugly things until something isn’t ugly, but maybe I can share a few of those, too. 😉

  2. says

    We would love to know what you recommended to get your name/books out there so people know about them. Some self-published books come out and take off right away, and we would love to know what their secret is. Our book just came out a week and a half ago so maybe it’s early, but we feel like we are struggling. Our reviews have been excellent so far from our ARC reviewers, we have a blog tour going on, and a few book blogs have mentioned us on Facebook/Twitter/their websites, but it still seems like we can’t get our names out there. The big question is, is no one interested or do we need to beef up our marketing? And if we need to do something more, is there something you recommend that you feel works? Thank you for any advice you can pass along!

    • Bree says

      I am musing on this. The short answer is: this is the hardest question and if anyone had a REAL answer, everyone would know it. The medium answer is: there are about a million possible answers and the only ones we can use are the ones we’re comfortable with. (There are a lot of marketing strategies I’m not comfortable with, and some I didn’t realize I wasn’t comfortable with until after I’d tried them.)

      The long answer…I will figure it out and type it up. 🙂

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